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Stand-Alone Books for Children
Kayla Montgomery Series
A Cheeky Thanksgiving This Thanksgiving, I’m especially grateful for the prospect of a vaccine so that, once again, we can be together with family and friends. I’m grateful to those individuals, gifted people from various backgrounds, who have come together, communicated and cooperated, to make the vaccine a reality. It reminds me of connection I made with an… Continue Reading
Five Tips to Keep You Productive Last year, my husband and I hosted 24 people for Thanksgiving. This time last year, I was writing shopping lists, figuring out where everyone would sleep, and cleaning the house in anticipation. This year’s Thanksgiving will include four people and a celebratory toast courtesy of ZOOM. I’ll miss the large gathering, but since I’m not… Continue Reading
Books That Changed My Life Hurry up, Slowpoke was one of the first books I was able to read myself. Simon Mouse is a slowpoke who lags behind his mother and sister and winds up having a fantastic adventure on his own. It was the start of my journey as a lifelong reader. I recently found a copy of it… Continue Reading
Veterans Share Emotions From Battlefields Have you ever thought about what you’d want to say to loved ones before you die? Would your last words show concern for how your family would fare, or might they include a light-hearted comment hoping to ease their grief? Throughout history, many veterans have given thought to that question and acted, including one very… Continue Reading
Presidential Trivia Feeling the stress of election week? Grab a fellow voter, and just for fun, play Presidential trivia. One person asks the first six questions. Then switch.1. Which president got a $20 fine for speeding on his horse-drawn carriage?Ulysses S. Grant.2. Which president received two grizzly bear cubs as a gift in 1807 and allowed them… Continue Reading