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Indulge Ourselves We’re in the middle of a Wisconsin winter during a time of political unrest while trying to survive a pandemic. We deserve to indulge ourselves. Here are a few suggestions: Get those endorphins flowing! Head outdoors to breathe deeply of winter’s fresh air.  Photograph how the sunlight shines on icicles.Watch for a morning when the… Continue Reading
Spirit of the Eagle January is National Bald Eagle Watch Month. An intricate part of Native American spiritualism, and included in symbols such as scouting and our nation’s presidential seal, the bald eagle inspires us to greater heights. If you’re like me, when you encounter or hear these powerful birds, you pause to appreciate the moment. Did you know… Continue Reading
Beyond Our Wildest Dreams Beyond Our Wildest Dreams Are you afraid to set an ambitious New Year’s goal? If so, you might be interested in what Margo Sue Hoile learned in 2016 after she hiked Africa’s Mt. Kilimanjaro. “You’re capable of more than you think you are.  “The climb was physical, of course,” Margo began, as we hiked Chapel… Continue Reading
Holiday Hiking Trails Christmas is sure to be different this year, so why not embrace it? Why not start a new tradition such as going on a hike each day from Christmas to the new year? Josie the Cockapoo, my husband, and I discovered many new trails this year or found new aspects of old favorites. Listed below… Continue Reading
Gifts That Matter What gifts do you remember receiving as a child? I can recall only a few. Instead, I remember family gatherings beginning with those at my grandmother’s house. Grandma served lutefisk (we kids got to have pigs-in-the-blanket instead of the pungent cod) and great desserts. My favorites were her famous pecan dreams and poppy seed cake.… Continue Reading