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Kayla Montgomery Series
Only in a Small Town I was returning from a Kiwanis meeting at Camp Wawbeek on February 8th. My husband and I had taken separate cars since he wanted to attend a boy scout meeting, and I wanted to return home and type up the meeting notes for the newsletter before I forgot them. The rural Wawbeek road was plowed,… Continue Reading
New Dreams Every Day Ready for a trivia game? Who said the following? “I don’t have no plans of slowing down because the number says I should. I don’t pay attention to that. I wake up with new dreams every day.” Here’s a hint. This woman recently sang for a Super Bowl commercial titled“ 5 to 9,” since it’s… Continue Reading
The Under-appreciated Rodent I used to think these common rodents were just, well, bushy-tailed creatures who were good at caching away acorns. But the more I watch and read about them, the more my appreciation grows.  My interest in squirrels began years ago when my father-in-law told me an incredible story. His backyard was at the edge of… Continue Reading
Worry Less: Live More Last week’s newspaper had an article about the pandemic halting the winter research on Isle Royale. Seeing the name of the Lake Superior island I’d hiked years ago brought back a flood of memories. I’d gone with a group through Eagle River’s Trees for Tomorrow. We began our journey at Copper Harbor, Michigan, where we… Continue Reading
Three Wintry Life Lessons My father was a quiet man, and he wasn’t the type to give long explanations or lecture. Still, just spending time with him taught me important life lessons. One of his classrooms was the frozen fishing lake. Ice fishing is a lesson in patience. As a middle child who wanted to spend time with her… Continue Reading