Teacher Guide: Noah's Ark Pet Care Club

In order to help students get the most out of Noah's Ark Pet Care Club (8-12 year olds) I've created a Teacher's Guide complete with activities for all subjects, from math to art to compreshension.

Teaching can be stressful

Take a moment to enjoy these true stories. Feel free to share your own on the contact page and let me know if I can add it to this page.

Teacher Airbag

A co-worker told of a student bumping into her and saying, “Oh, you make a good airbag.” 

Pocketful of Worms

A first grade boy returning from recess after a rainy start to the day pulled several worms out of his pocket. “Aren’t these cool?” he asked the teacher.

“Yes, but if you keep them in your pocket, they’ll die.”

“Billy has some, too.” 

Billy dug into his pocket. “Yeah, but I have a lot of dirt in here, too.” 

Awful Behavior

“They were awful,” my coworker, a second-grade teacher said after returning from a field trip. “They wouldn’t do what I asked, they wandered off, and one even pulled out a packet of cigarettes and lit one up.”

My mouth hung open. "A second grader with cigarettes!” 

“No,” the teacher replied. “I was talking about the chaperones.”

Only Two Arms

A volleyball teacher instructed her students to hit the ball with their forearms. 

A little girl looked distraught. “But teacher, I only have two arms.”