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Goodnights Across the WorldIn September we celebrate World Peace Day. As night falls this evening, families across the world will have different prayers, rituals, and lullabies. But as we adults gaze down on our loved ones, we’ll all share the same wish. Peace. . . Peace.   “Don’t let the bedbugs bite,” an American girl says, kissing her… Continue Reading
Tough Old BirdMy mate and I ride a thermal along the rim of Grand Canyon National Park. Although I have the reputation of being “a tough old bird,” I melt as I take in her curved beak, nearly 10-foot wing span, and impressive featherless face. Humans rarely use the word “beautiful” when it comes to describing scavengers… Continue Reading
Fun TimesThis week is the Dells Wo-Zha-Wa festival. Wo-Zha-Wa is a Ho-Chunk phrase which means having fun. It’s a popular time for locals to connect with old friends, for tourists to visit the Dells, and for everyone to celebrate the beginning of September and maybe even find a few deals downtown. Early in my husband’s and… Continue Reading
What I Miss About Back to School  It’s back to school time, and I feel a wistful twinge as I wander down the school supply section of Walmart. I’ve been retired for almost a decade, but old habits die hard, and I add a packet of lined paper to my cart. I started teaching in 1975. Back then, before technological advances… Continue Reading
A Northwoods GatheringI awoke early at our Northwoods cabin and walked outside to let my four pet ducks out of their pen. I nicknamed them the “Dabblers” after I brought them to the lake for the first time and they ignored the pretty lily-pad laden lake, choosing to play in a puddle instead. The Dabblers happily splashed… Continue Reading