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A Northwoods GatheringI awoke early at our Northwoods cabin and walked outside to let my four pet ducks out of their pen. I nicknamed them the “Dabblers” after I brought them to the lake for the first time and they ignored the pretty lily-pad laden lake, choosing to play in a puddle instead. The Dabblers happily splashed… Continue Reading
The Passionate SpiritA friend who wrote and illustrated children’s books, Marsha Dunlap, died after a long battle with cancer. One of the first times I met Marsha was during a blinding snowstorm. A small group of us had rented a bed and breakfast and hired an award winning author, Marion Dane Bauer, to critique our work and… Continue Reading
Regrets of the DyingMy father dreamed of going elk hunting out west. He worked at least 40-hour weeks at American Motors and maintained a huge garden so finding the time (and extra cash) was a strug-gle. Dad occasionally took time for himself to hunt or fish, but at age 55 he was diagnosed with colon cancer. He died… Continue Reading
A Treasure Box of MemoriesMy treasure box, the size of a loaf of bread, used to belong to my mother who called it her jewelry box. For as far back as I can remember, it sat on her dresser. Now it sits on mine. I suspect you have a treasure box, too. It might be your dad’s tackle box,… Continue Reading
4th of July GratitudeEarlier this week I buckled on a fanny pack so my phone would be safe during my bike ride. I set out and enjoyed cruising on a remote country road with rolling hills. I continued onto Highway O and headed north so I could view the scenic Baraboo bluffs. Pedaling along, I enjoyed the smell… Continue Reading