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Circling a Life Through Devil’s Lake “Let’s celebrate your birthday with a hike around Devil’s lake,” I told my husband of forty-four years. “Josie needs to get some exercise.” (I’ve learned that I’m more likely to get a Yes if I mention the adventure will make our Cockapoo happy.)  “Why Devil’s Lake?” he asked.  “I was looking at photos the other… Continue Reading
Fall, a Time of New Beginnings We often think of the start of the school year as the end of summer, but we can also think of it as a time of new beginnings. School kids, parents, and staff have extra challenges this year, but they’re figuring it out. They’ll evaluate what’s working and incorporate the more innovative techniques, such as… Continue Reading
Time Alone Has Benefits How much do you like your alone time?  Would you rather bring adult beverages and tube as a group or rise early and kayak a quiet river?  Would you rather join a group of friends, safety measures in place, for a weekend of fun and games or rent a cabin in the woods and hike… Continue Reading
How To Live a Wag-Worthy Life Mum’s brought me to the vet because of excessive licking (I won’t get into the personal details) but will mention that I keep hearing the word “surgery.” I’m not sure exactly what that entails for this kibble-loving cockapoo. I expect I’ll do fine, but now that I’m over ten years old, it’s time to share… Continue Reading
Going Back to School 2020 Classroom flashbacks are engrained in me. No wonder, since I was a student for 15 years and a teacher for over 35 years. In last night’s back-to-school dream, I was setting up for the water tank experiment to teach density. I added red salt water to the left side and clear blue water to the… Continue Reading