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Love From a TeacupIf anyone can teach us about lasting love, it’s Duane and Joan Wilcox who will celebrate their 70th—yes, 70th!—anniversary this summer. My husband and I met with them recently so I could interview them for Valentine’s Day. We arrived at their warm and inviting apartment in Baraboo’s Oak Park Place and Joan, remembering I enjoy… Continue Reading
Hear Me RoarI admit it. I’ve led a privileged life. As a child my father did the snow-blow-ing. After marriage, snow-blowing fell onto my husband’s chore list. Oh, I might have dabbled a bit, and I have been known to help shovel, but I’ve never had to op-erate the machine on my own. Until now. People who… Continue Reading
Secret WorldsThe first time I walked around Yellowstone, I felt like I’d entered another world. I would imagine any of you who have visited the national park experienced similar feelings of awe and wonder. I’d seen pictures but nothing can compare with actually hearing the bubbling mud pots and spouting geysers, experiencing the rotten-egg sulphur smell… Continue Reading
Tragedy: May it Bring out the BestBushfires are raging in Australia. People and animals are fleeing for their lives. Maybe you’ve seen some of the touching footage of desperate animals seeking the help of humans. One posted by the NSW Police Force shows an officer offering a kangaroo water. He pours some in his palm and the kangaroo, cautious at first,… Continue Reading
Importance of Close FriendsI recently told my longtime neighbor and friend that my husband and I were considering a major purchase. “They cost $600 dollars a piece,” I said, “and we’ll need two. It’s not a fun investment, kind of like shelling out money for a new roof or appliance.” My friend nodded. “True, but it needs to… Continue Reading