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Dogs to the Rescue I’m not a powerful swimmer, and since I was snorkeling, I wasn’t wearing a life jacket. I had gotten out farther than I planned, lured by a school of bluegills and a trout. The memorizing underwater plants resembling an emerald forest and the fascinating bass nests, lined with colorful rocks, pulled me farther from shore… Continue Reading
Oldest Treasure What is the oldest treasure in your house? Is it something as tiny as a rare coin or as large as an antique dresser? Is it a practical item such as your grandfather’s toolbox or something as decorative as a great-aunt’s tatted tablecloth? Is it an ancestor’s treasured toy passed on through the generations, or… Continue Reading
Tackling Gruesome Jobs I open the cabin bathroom door after it had been closed up for two weeks and see hundreds of dead ants. Their black bodies litter the floor, bathtub, and float in the toilet. My husband had sprayed before we left and the contact spray had worked. I needed to tackle the dirty job of cleaning… Continue Reading
The Last Quack I made arrangements this week to give away my duck pen. I’ve been raising ducks for twenty-some years. I started it as a project in my elementary classroom and finding it enjoyable, continued it even after I retired. Back in March I ordered mallard eggs from E-bay. I incubated them, watched as they hatched out,… Continue Reading
Privilege vs. Patriotism Fourth of July preparations brought back vivid memories of my husband’s and my 2016 Washington D.C. trip. I witnessed acts of patriotism and sadly, one act of selfish, assumed privilege. My husband Frank and I joined a tour group of forty people from various walks of life. Our guide said she hoped everyone would employ… Continue Reading