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Night Walk I park by the entrance to the woods, aware that it’s nearly dark. It had rained all day, and this was the first chance I’d gotten to take the dog for a walk. I try not to let the neighbor’s ghostly decorations, including a skeleton and witch, influence my decision.  Even Josie, who usually springs… Continue Reading
The Yellowed Birthday Card The birthday card arrived, yellowed with age and ragged on the edges. I hold it tenderly. My childhood friend, Sharon, and I have exchanged the same birthday card since 1979. We only sign our name and the month and year. Still, every year we write smaller, hoping to leave room for many years to come.… Continue Reading
Caw, Caw, Caw Caw, caw, caw, I call, as I carry pieces of old bread out to my crows. Nearby neighbors must be shaking their heads. “Amy’s at it again.” But I don’t care. I not only like having feathered friends, I appreciate how they look after the property and warn me of trouble.  A few days ago,… Continue Reading
Secret to a long, happy life What is the secret to a long, happy life? Since I have a birthday this week and thought I could use that excuse to guilt my friends and family into doing my work for me, I polled a bunch of them. They came through. Although I got chided by some for insinuating that they were… Continue Reading
Circling a Life Through Devil’s Lake “Let’s celebrate your birthday with a hike around Devil’s lake,” I told my husband of forty-four years. “Josie needs to get some exercise.” (I’ve learned that I’m more likely to get a Yes if I mention the adventure will make our Cockapoo happy.)  “Why Devil’s Lake?” he asked.  “I was looking at photos the other… Continue Reading