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For the Sheer Joy of It In March, before my vacation activities along the Gulf of Mexico began closing because of the coronavirus outbreak, I was able to go on a dolphin cruise. We rode out for over 15 minutes without a sighting, and then the captain spotted a pod. He maneuvered the boat to travel in the direction the dolphins… Continue Reading
Reflecting on a Sour-Face Experience Before the coronavirus threat closed down the Alabama pickle ball court where I’d played while on vacation, I’d watched the sour-faced man bang the pickle ball back to his opponents time and time again. He never smiled, talked, or looked like he was having fun. When an opponent returned the ball with a winning shot,… Continue Reading
Trees that Fascinate and Captivate Do you have a special tree that you recall from your youth? Maybe it was one you remember climbing. Do you have a favorite tree now? Maybe it’s one you joyously anticipate watching burst into spring blooms. What is it about trees that fascinate and captivate? As a child, I had a favorite elm tree.… Continue Reading
The Wanderer’s Spirit Are you more of a homebody or do you long for adventure? Why do some of us often seek new horizons? What is it that wanderers find so appealing? Four answers come to mind. First is the desire to explore new places and the unfamiliar. I’m fortunate to be enjoying my morning coffee while watching… Continue Reading
A House Speaks Has a house ever spoken to you? The sad and broken house near our Northwoods cabin speaks to me. It stands alone. Its snow-covered roof has collapsed. Remnants of curtains blow out of its shattered windows. Coyotes have invaded its rooms, taking up residence in bed-rooms that once sheltered children. I’ve watched this old farmhouse… Continue Reading